Get Your Home Guest-Ready and Gleaming

While many of us will be packing bags for holiday destinations this festive season, there are just as many preparing to welcome family and friends into our homes. Get your home guest-ready and gleaming with these quick tips!

To the Kitchen!

This will be the heart of your home during the holidays, so you will need loads of light, clutter-free surfaces and some enticing treats to make your guests feel welcome. Our blinds and shutters will give your kitchen a completely refreshed look and brighten up your space, leaving your guests in awe! Keep counters clear to prevent anything from getting in the way when preparing mouth-watering meals. Be sure to put out a topped-up cookie jar, some mince pies, or other festive treats for your guests to grab and enjoy as they please.

Now for the Living Room...

After their long and tiring trek, your guests will likely want to sit back and relax for a while. Light candles to fill the air with a welcoming aroma, put some music on low, and have tea and coffee at the ready. To encourage offline fun and quality time, consider leaving a pack of cards or a family favourite board game on the coffee table. And, if you really want to glam up your living room without breaking the bank before Christmas, our market-leading Tecwood shutters offer an impressive solution at an affordable price.

And last but not least, the Guest Room.

Whether you have a dedicated guest room or not, there are a few easy ways to make your guests' stay more comfortable. First, make the guest bathroom sparkle, and ensure there are enough towels for everyone. Since we always forget something when we go away, leave a few basics such as toothpaste, shower gel and a nice bar of soap, so your guests don't have to worry or ask. Be sure to free up space in the cupboards, and finally, place a bunch of bright and joyful flowers or a bowl of fresh fruits for them to snack on.

Yes, it can be stressful preparing your home for guests but just remember, this season is all about good times and making happy memories. Don't fret the small stuff - your guests will understand.