Things are heating up!

Summertime is on the horizon, and we've got some simple solutions to consider whether you're staying home or heading away.


Mesh Beats Mozzies

Summer may be full of fun, but it can also bring unwelcome guests. Insect screens allow for the free flow of fresh air through your space whilst keeping out mosquitoes and other pests. The high-quality mesh screens ensure that you maintain your outdoor views and can even act as a deterrent for monkeys. Our vertically operated screens are custom made to fit and suitable for homes, offices, canteens, restaurants, game lodges and more.



Cool & Covered

It's great to get outdoors, but we want to ensure that you have spaces to enjoy without being overwhelmed by heat and harsh sunlight. Our range of awning solutions will help you create new areas to enjoy with a wide variety of styles and materials to choose from. If you want to enhance an existing space, our screen fabric patio blinds offer sun protection while maintaining your view.



We also provide solutions for carports, so you can even keep your vehicles cool and out of direct sunlight. All of these solutions include manual or motorised options.



Safe & Secure

If you're heading to a holiday destination, then you'll want to make sure you're ready to lock up and go! Our aluminium security doors will add an extra layer of defence to help keep your space safe and sound until you return. If you're looking for an integrated solution that offers both functionality and style, then look no further than our security shutters. They use high-quality locking mechanisms built to last. When you're at home, these products are a great way to ensure safety while maintaining the free flow of fresh air, which is vital during the heat of summer.



With pests at bay and everyone feeling cool and safe, you'll be all set to enjoy the heat and make some fantastic new memories!